Sunday, 17 May 2009

Side effects and sleeping

Although the good people who administer by drugs send me text messages to remind me I still managed to forget to take my Avonex until around half eight on Friday evening (which is about an hour later than I aim for). I then stayed up watching TV which meant that I didn't get to sleep before the side effects kicked in. Ended up cuddled up with two hot water bottles and my dressing gown trying to get over the chills. It was probably early morning by the time I eventually fell asleep.

Fortunately when I woke up on Saturday there wasn't any 'left-overs' from the side effects but I still felt amazingly tired and extremely apathetic. I managed to do pretty much nothing for the rest of the morning and early afternoon, and then went to bed at three o'clock and slept through to eight! We stayed up until around half one in the morning (watching the Eurovision) and then I managed to sleep until half nine this morning; which is unusual as I usually wake up around eight even on the weekend. I got another few hours sleep in this afternoon from around two through six. Never have I had so much sleep without actually having the flu or something. Body obviously needed it.


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  2. Hi Nat,

    Forgot to say the post is 19 May.