Friday, 8 May 2009

The Neuro and the MRI

I hardly even remember my first visit to see the Neuro. The outcome of the visit was the appointment for an MRI. This I found a singularly unpleasant experience, as I am claustraphobic. To make matters worse to relax you they were piping music into the machine... Simply Red. I hate Simply Red! I got through the ordeal thanks to a prescription for Valium from my GP.

Of course some weeks (months?) later it was back to see the Neuro for the outcome of the MRI. I felt quite squeamish as he showed slices through my brain. Lesions... he told me pointing to some white patches, but not as many lesions as were expected for a final diagnosis. Probably MS.

So, off to live in 'limbo land' for a while. This was, of course, only the beginning of the tale though.

There next followed a new relapse. Not more ON but a most peculiar case of sensory disturbance. I completely lost the feeling in the fingers of my right hand. So much that I could hardly write... couldn't touch type... and had great difficulty in picking things up, doing up buttons, or holding things. This went on severely for several months... and even when eventually it subsided enough to continue everyday tasks I still (to the present day) do not have proper sensation in the end of my fingers... it feels like I'm wearing some very skin hugging gloves!

This strange (and irritating) sensation was accompanied by an even more irritating (literally) sympton. Amazing itching. Very specifically along the inside of my right arm from my wrist to my elbow. Constant and excessive to the point that scratching so much caused bleeding. A prescription for an epilepsy drug eventually cured this.

These relapses were enough to confirm the Neuro's tentative diagnosis. Yes, no doubt, MS.

Next - More Neuro and the MS Nurse

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