Monday, 11 May 2009

Memory games

My original intention for today was to take it as easy as possible to prepare myself for the busy week ahead which includes an eleven hour round trip to East Anglia tomorrow and a shortened day on Wednesday thanks to my Neuro visit.

However, I had to fetch and carry the Better-Half from his emergency dental appointment and then back to the Chemist a second time after we discovered they had only dispensed four-fifths of the prescription. I had planned to spend the afternoon sitting in the garden reading 'Inkdeath' after I had finished 'Inkspell' last night... but my concentration wasn't up to reading books. It wasn't up to playing 'Tomb Raider' or 'Fable II' - or anything very much. However I discovered that bite-size amounts of gaming such as the 'Brain Challenge' from the Xbox Live Arcade didn't overstretch my concentration at all. The most hilarious part of these 'brain training' exercises. I consistently got superb scores in Memory.

This is hilarious as my memory is abysmal at the moment. I forget that we have watched TV shows, I forget entire conversations... the other evening I gave the Better-Half a fiver I owed him when I got in and then tried to do the exact same thing fifteen minutes later 'before I forgot'. It would appear that as long as I don't need to remember anything for more than five seconds I am a genius... beyond that, best give me a notebook. I blame this entirely on my destroyed axons and neurons. I used to have an amazing memory... I was renowned for it. Not only could I tell you about an event that happened years and years before, I could probably even tell you what I was wearing. This is probably the most frustrating thing for me... it annoys me far more than walking with a stick. Losing chunks out of my brain like a dripping tap... and I don't think there are any pills that they can give you for that.

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