Saturday, 20 November 2010

Legs and eyes

I've not had much time to write recently. Work has been busy (of course) and my Dad has been poorly in hospital. This probably hasn't helped my physical situation which isn't terribly good right now.

About six weeks ago I noticed that every evening I was getting a horrible tense feeling in the muscles in the backs of my legs around my knees. The only relief to be got was by constantly stretching and moving my legs. This drove me mad and Rich mad. So I saw the doctor who wrote me a prescription for Diazepam. Wikipedia informs me that this is actually Valium - I guess that explains why the most notable effect was sending me to sleep.

My Nurse recommended that the next stop should be Clonazepam (related, the clue the doctor told me being in the end of the name). As I was rushing off to see my Dad in hospital yesterday I never got a chance to pick up the prescription so I guess it will be next week before we find out if it is any help.

Just to put a cherry on the cake (as it were) I noticed yesterday when I was rushing about a distinct lack of the colour red... first symptom I get of an attack of Optic Neuritis. Excellent. Nothing to do but wait that out or ask for another course of steroids... which it is quite possible I have had enough of this year already!