Friday, 8 May 2009

Remission and Relapse

For sometime the pernicous disease and I worked on the very successful basis that I wouldn't bother it if it didn't bother me. Actually, I was pretty much in denial about the whole thing. The problem was that apart from occasional (mild) bouts of ON and sensory disturbances which were more irritating than disabling I didn't really feel sick.

After the initial relapse that confirmed diagnosis everything was pretty stable for a long (long) time... years in fact. It wasn't until 2006 that lots of things all began to 'go wrong' at the same time.
First there was the almost complete loss of hearing in my left ear. This went on for about six weeks. I did receive a referral to an ear clinic, but of course the whole process took so long that by the time I got there it was better!

The next problem was extreme weakness in my legs. This got so bad that it required the use of a stick to help me keep my balance and walk. This happened on and off for around six or eight months.
Worse than this was dizziness, so bad that I couldn't really stand up and my balance was completely shot. This got me sent to bed for six weeks and a double course of steriods. Several months later it happened again... and then again. Each time the steriods and physiotherapy seemed to speed up recovery.

Those are the significant relapses of the last two or three years. There have been other less disabling and more iritating symptons... loss of feeling in various extremeties, strange and agonising burning sensations. Sometimes they last a week then vanish, sometimes they last several weeks and things never quite get better.

The only thing you can ever be certain of with MS is that you can't be certain of anything!

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