Saturday, 9 May 2009

The dreaded fatigue

I don't pretend to begin to understand how it is that the ravages of MS on my brain can cause such a wide variety of symptoms. Some of them you can figure... messages going awry due to demyelination (cue memories of Neuro and his explanations involving faulty wiring and clapped out cars). Nerves... muscles... I get it. The one that I don't understand is fatigue.

Anyone who hasn't suffered it can't really begin to imagine the fatigue that MS brings. It is beyond feeling tired at the end of a long day. It can't be cured simply by taking a nap (although that sure goes a little way to helping). It is a grinding, wearing exhaustion that goes through every muscle and bone. Every limb is so heavy that it is really too much effort to lift it and just trying to think what to do next, let alone actually doing it, is utterly exhausting.

The Amantadine that I take for fatigue seems to have again become useless... is it possible that I have become immune to it? I have only got out of bed a couple of times today... and most of the time that I've spent in bed I've just been sitting and dozing, can you belive that I'm too tired to even read.

Luckily I have a routine appointment with the Neuro next week, so the fatigue will be on the agenda for discussion.

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  1. Hi!
    The Amantadine stopped working for me too, or rather didn't really do much to make it worth taking anymore. Yeah, nobody can imagine what it's like unless they experience that beyond tired feeling.