Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Another relapse

Relapses suck. My particular brand are very trying. The worst ones afflict me simultaneously with extreme vertigo and upper and lower limb weakness. This means that until trial and error find the drug (if there is one) that will abate the vertigo being upright is downright unpleasant (and has on occasion led to vomiting). The limb weakness means that I can't walk anywhere (helped since the first such attack by the addition of the wheelchair and wheelie-walker to my life), I can't really use my arms (so thankful for Kindle and iThings; I mostly watch TV and sleep.

The net effect of this is, I certainly get enough rest (I vie with the cat for who sleeps the most). The less useful side effect is that I slowly stultify with boredom.

Since my first bed-bound relapse five years ago I now have additional worries. I only work part-time, so I don't make as much, and our contracts now cut our wages in half after 0sick days in the year. Every day stuck in bed is money down the drain... And due to the reasons above I get a lot of time to dwell on it!

Staying positive, the drug they gave me for the vertigo works (first choice lucky) and I am feeling better than I did two and a half weeks ago.

It hasn't helped that during the same time I also had to have surgery on both toes and two fillings. At least that is all out of the way... hopefully the enforced bed-rest is helping my toes heal quicker.