Sunday, 13 February 2011

Not much improvement

So I took the week long course of steroids, complete with peach juice antidote. I can't say that I have noticed much improvement in terms of either fatigue or muscle control in my legs or balance. 

The whole situation was messed up a bit though; I finished the course of steroids on a Wednesday. On the Thursday I got food poisoning, followed by a stomach bug which laid me out for the whole weekend. The only positive was that I did lose half a stone through the whole sorry affair.

The Access to Work has been a blessing. I have no idea how I'd have managed without it. I've had to go to a couple of meeting during the day in the last few weeks which means taking the tube and that has been pretty exhausting.

It is annoying that Amantadine stopped working for me and that Modafinil has such a detrimental effect on my sleep patterns that there is no point taking it. I am having a massive problem finding enough energy to get through the day at the moment... lucky, I suppose, that my job is keeping me at my desk pretty much all the time now and I don't have to go out much for site visits or meetings.

Here's my current paradox. I cannot feel my feet at all, certainly not the soles of my feet. However, when I got out of my nice hot bath they were itching to the extent that I had to smother them in E45 anti-itch cream. How can they itch if I can't feel them?!