Sunday, 10 May 2009

Itches and other things

The good news is that the crushing fatigue of yesterday appears to have lifted a little today. Perhaps all that rest has had a positive effect?

The bad news is that the itching is no longer being held at bay by the anti-histamines. It is taking a great deal of self control at the moment not to scratch myself until I bleed (which is the usual outcome of an itch attack). Still, I'd rather this than the utter of exhaustion of yesterday. I was beginning to think I might actually spend the entire weekend in bed.

There would some other strange things going on with my axons and neurons right now. There are lots of sharp little pains that keep pinging all over the place. At least they are transient, not like the horrible muscle pain that went on for four days last week. Happily it just so coincided with the four days that I didn't work so it meant I could sit in bed and not move too much. The entire muscle went rock solid, nothing helped... not heat, not cold - just eased by Tuesday having come on very suddenly on Friday.

The three days I am at work this week are looking massively busy, especially as I'm missing half of one of them with my Neuro appointment that couldn't be moved. Best take it easy tomorrow and make sure my body is fully charged.

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