Friday, 15 May 2009

Back to not liking Friday

Fridays are the day of the week on which I have to take my weekly Avonex injection. Although I though when I first started DMDs that I would never be able to handle injecting myself (I routinely faint when I have to have a blood test) I have now been managing for two and a half years. Managing, but not really used ot it or liking it. The good thing abou the Betaferon was that although it was more frequent it used a little auto-injector so I didn't have to watch the needle myself. The Avonex although it is only once a week is a much (much) bigger needle and I have not auto-inector so I have to do it myself. The only solution is to take a deep breath and go for it. It actually doesn't really hurt or even mostly bleed. It is just seeing that great big needle.

No work today as it is Friday. Whilst I am physically able for it I find it very frustrating to only work a three day week. Mondays and Fridays are days on which I routinely accomplish absolutely nothing. Even worse at the moment as the depression seems to have settled over my brain like a fog and I really can't seem to do anything. I sat in front of the laptop for half an hour this afternoon trying to decide whether to read emails or read blogs and in the end I settled for neither as it seemed an insurmountable effort.

I've only been taking the anti-depressants for two days, so I suppose I can't expect them to be working yet... hope it won't be too long though - although apparently there is a 40% chance that they won't work at all.

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