Saturday, 9 June 2012

Taking Avonex...

On Friday I take my Avonex shot. It usually goes something like this; eat dinner, take shot, have cup of tea and biscuit, go to bed, take paracetamol, go to sleep. This means that I very rarely experience any real side effects.

What with an unscheduled afternoon nap and all the football the day of the week kept slipping my mind yesterday. I took the shot late, and due to the nap in the afternoon stayed up watching TV. Big mistake, huge.

When we decided to call it a night my entire body was aching, painful and stiff. The only good thing about getting up the stairs was getting to bed. I was then too cold so had to put my dressing gown on, about an hour later I woke up feverish and had to take the dressing gown off again and turn the fan on. An hour after that I was cold again and woke up to turn the fan back off.

Lesson learned. Shot, tea, paracetamol, bed. Banging and noisy birds have woken me up early and I'm now suffering an Avonex hang-over, the last vestiges of the side-efffects.

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