Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A new one

This time the eye problem isn't Optic Neuritis but rather Retro-bulbaric Neuritis which is a very specific form. That's the science bit... I was lost there. It means that instead of the usual visual disturbance with no pain I have a lot of pain with no visual disturbance.

It took an afternoon at A&E at Moorfields Eye Hospital to establish this. I'm not exaggerating. I was there for over four hours!

I'm off to bed now to take a cocktail of drugs which I suspect will knock me out until morning. I'm hoping they'll stop me waking up in pain when I move my eye in my sleep at any rate.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

ON and other things

My suspicions a few weeks ago that I was getting another dose of ON seem to have been bang on. This time I don't have so much visual disturbance (which is useful) but I have terrible pain behind my right eye. Most of the time it is actually only a dull ache - unless of course I move my eye at all. You wouldn't believe how much you move your eyes in a day.

There isn't much to be done I suppose. It is probably too soon since the last dose of steroids to take another course - just have to hope that it is a short attack.

In addition the car broke down yesterday and I had to schlep around Charlton and the Greenwich Peninsula. No spoons left today, so have taken to my bed. Really disappointing as I had big plans for this weekend.