Sunday, 27 September 2009

MS Superstars

Thanks to the MS Superstars raising money at Run to the Beat Half Marathon today.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Another trip to the Neuro

Last week I had another scheduled visit with my Neuro. A little swifter than normal as he had insisted on a quick follow up to make sure that the anti-depressants took effect. I was the first appointment of the day (which is always good as punctuality isn't his strong point!) and after losing his favourite pen and complaining about the coffee we got down to business.

We ran through the usual list of suspects to gauge the status/progress of my MS. A lot of these always seem a little too personal; especially when you are asked about bladder and bowels! These are things no-one likes to think about too much even more talk about... but problems in this area are a fact of life with MS for a lot of people. I've had trouble with my bladder for years, only in as much as it is a bit weak so I use the delightful 'light incontinence' pads (a little like panty liners). Problem solved. The last few weeks I've also had some bowel difficulty - mostly 'urgency'. MS or just some bug in my system? Time will tell. Too much information... perhaps?! That is MS.

We went through the rest of the status indicators - mood (better than before); memory and cognition (not so good, especially memory which is now beyond poor). He asked me about "this monster" (my poor stick!) and I told him that I had it with my all the time if I was out and about - especially as lately I have had several falls even with the stick. Oh the indignity. I was walking along Albermarle Street (Mayfair, dahling) when I toppled over and a kind lady helped me up. Again in Mayfair Place a couple of days later I tumbled, this time losing my glasses in the process (thank goodness they weren't broken).

The Neuro expressed concern that after so many years stability the disease appeared to be progressing - or perhaps relapsing. I told him that I have these little problems all the time on and off it just depends when I'm seeing him.

I was quite pleased as he dictated the letter that my EDSS (Expanded Disability Status Scale) Score had gone from 5 to 6. Pleased until I looked it up later and discovered that 0 is normal and the higher the score the worse the result.

I was discharged with an appointment for twelve months time and instructions to keep taking the anti-depressants until at least early winter. Best of all, as I only had bloods done when I saw the nurse a few months earlier I escaped without that horror this time (last time I passed out, it dulls my enthusiasm).