Friday, 19 March 2010

No improvement

The course of steroids is happily finished. I got an extra night of not being able to sleep just to round things out - didn't sleep until 3am on Thursday morning and then predicitably felt utterly rubbish when I did eventually wake up. Lucky I had a day off yesterday!

I have noticed no improvement with the numbness in hands and feet. It is really beginning to be inconvenient now as the right hand side is much worse affected than the left... and of course I'm right handed. Can't type properly, can't write properly, can't do my hair and make up properly... the frustration!!!

In addition my circulation is very poor, this means that my feet (especially the useless right foot) are constantly freezing.

Sunday, 14 March 2010


Thanks to Herrad who sent me this award.

Steroids - days 2 and 3

I'm now in the middle of my five day curse (I mean course) of steroids. The taste of the damn things is still vile and stays with me pretty much all day (well at least to dinner time). In addition a rather unpleasant side effect is that breathing has become as if on a cold (bitter) winter's day... every time I take a breath in my trachea is sore. Hopefully this time I won't actually get a chest infection, which is what happened last time I took steroids.

I haven't noticed any improvement yet... but I guess that it is early days. Not being able to type and write properly is driving me up the wall... as is the lack of manual dexterity... I managed to peel my knuckles instead of the potatoes the other night!

Still, taking it easy of the weekend has been great. Apart from a bit of pottering in the garden (where it doesn't matter if you fall over) I've not been anywhere or done anything. Not looking forward to the journey to work with the crutches tomorrow.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

The truce is over

MS and I have a deal - I don't bother it and it doesn't bother me (although I'm not sure that sticking my thigh with an inch long needle once a week counts as 'not bothering it'!). That's the theory anyway. The latest period of remission had been lasting for a while - and I was feeling quietly optimistic for 2010. Fool!

The first sign that something was wrong was in the middle of February when I kept getting these waves of dizziness. Not exactly dizziness - it is hard to describe the odd feeling that flashed through my head about two dozen times a day. Nothing else happened and it went away, dodged it this time I thought. Fool again!

Then about a week ago I noticed that my feet were numb... pretty much all the way from the big toe to the little toe on both feet... making it very hard to walk. And the same time my legs were feeling week. The stick was no longer keeping me on the straight and narrow so I purchased a pair of crutches.

At the same time I also lost feeling over most of the right hand side of my body. Not much inconvenience except for my hand - I'm right handed (of course!). I can't write properly as I can't hold a pen and I can't type properly... I've been a touch typist for fifteen years and I've forgotten how to type any other way! That is why it has taken several days to complete this post!
On Monday I spoke to my MS Nurse and she gave me an appointment for Wednesday. I went in Wednesday (my aim, to get steroids). Of course the first thing that happened was my bladder got a fit of nerves and I wasn't able to give a urine sample. She called in the Neuro to write the prescription; who was in excellent form, he scribbled the 'scrip for the vile blue steroids and even a stock of sleeping tablets high-fived me and was gone. One problem remaining. Not allowed to take the steroids until the urine was tested for infections. I spent a further half hour being fed water by the nurse until I managed to fill the cup... only to be told that I could take the pills as the sample had to be sent away for testing!

Back to work then... having already had a lecture from the Nurse about easing off the hours etc. Good thing that the next day I got a call saying the sample was clear and I could start the treatment. 

Which brings us to Friday morning. Tablet city. Omeroprazole before breakfast (to keep the stomach safe from the steroids) - Methylprednisolone after breakfast (five vile blue tablets)... how could I have forgotten how bad they taste?!?! Next regular medication - Loratadine to stop the itching and Citalopram (because you have to take it for six months after you start feeling better). Now I rattle.

Last night I also had to take my Avonex. This was an excellent experience (for once) as this week was the right thigh which is pretty much totally numb! I then took two paracetemol and the Zopiclone so thoughtfully prescribed... and slept clear through to 9am (almost unheard of on an Avonex night).

I've just swallowed this mornings tablet pile and am once again tasting blue steroid every time I breathe in. Still, hopefully it will work some!