Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Feeling not so bad

Go figure, by rights I should feel awful today, but acutually I'm feeling quite good. I slept really (really) badly last night. I was having one of those 'my thermostat is broken' nights. I was way too hot, even though I'd left the bedroom window open all evening... I tried switching on the fan and even that wasn't enough. I eventually fell asleep - only to wake up after a couple of hours and switch the fan off. An hour later the same thing... and an hour later the same thing again. I know I switched the fan off each time I woke up so I must have been switching it back on again in my sleep. Operated by remote control you see, nice and easy to do... too easy it would seem.

I tried taking a trip without The Stick yesterday when I was out and about. I always do this just before I go and see the Neuro so that I can give a detailed answer when he asks me if I really need tTe Stick. I had an interesting experience wobbling around in the shops - like a trolley with a wonky wheel I have to steer myself to the right to counteract the propensity to fall over to the left. Lots of suspicious looks from fellow shoppers who I'm sure were suspecting me of lunchtime drinking! It has now been eighteen months with no balance improvement... actually, that isn't true. I'm a lot better now than when that relapse put me in bed... but I'm not back to where I used to be.

I guess, as with most things, it is going to be another case of the 'frog in the well' - two steps forwards and one step back, never quite arriving back where I started.

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