Sunday, 28 June 2009

Goodbye shoes

Sometimes it happens that when you have felt alright for a while you forget to take it easy and you forget that there are things that you cannot really do. Yesterday was one of those days. I was going to a garden party in the afternoon and decided that for a couple of hours I could wear my 'movie-star' shoes. Usually I wear flats as it is easier for me to keep my balance and makes my feet and legs hurt less... but I figured a couple of hours standing around and talking, what harm could it do?

The afternoon started badly as I was leaving my parents house and fell over coming out of the front door - bruising my hand, grazing my knee and making an unfortunate hole in my trousers with the heel of my shoes. A sensible person would have had emergency shoes in the car, given up and changed at that point. I did not.

After several hours of small talk and chatter, and wandering round the garden party my legs and feet were giving out. The last walk back to the car was almost impossible and driving home that evening was sheer hell. By the time I'd had a nap and settled down for the evening my legs were so stiff I could hardly walk. A good night's sleep with hot water bottles for my sore legs did help a bit.

I have to accept that if I'm going to go out I'll have to find elegant 'sensible' shoes; and be kind to myself and sit down when my legs start to hurt. Good-bye my 'movie-star' shoes, it looks like we shan't be taking any more outings together.

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