Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Odd mini-relapse

What a strange experience I had the last couple of days. On Monday I noticed that my tounge didn't feel quite right. I thought nothing more of it... until Rich asked me later if I had toothache as my jaw looked funny and my voice sounded strange. I then noticed that yes, my voice did sound strange. Reason - the end of my tounge wasn't doing what I was telling it. All muscle control vanished... only from the tip - which meant that I couldn't form 'L's or 'R's. Rich told me I sounded like Elmer Fudd! I told him it wasn't kind to mock the afflicted.

After a great deal more mocking at work the next day I rang my MS nurse and asked her whether this latest strange development was caused by MS. Possible she told me, but extremely unusual. If it isn't better on Wednesday she further told me, I'd better come and see the Neuro.

Fortunately this morning I woke up and my tounge was back as it should be after about 36 hours of odd behaviour the tip was freed from being tied to my lower teeth and I could poke out the end of my tounge again! All's well that ends well. Very strange though, not at all in the normal order of things.

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