Thursday, 23 February 2012

Sick and broken

So, I started the week with a bit of a cold. I didn't really think much more about it other than it seemed to be having a very negative impact on my energy reserves.

That was Monday. Tuesday I felt worse. I felt dizzy and my cognitive abilities seemed to have vanished. It was like my brain was working in treacle.

Tuesday night was worse. I was up most of the night with a fever... getting that special dozing sleep and strange dreams you only get with a fever. At 1am I figured out there was no way I was going to make work the next day.

Wednesday was alarming. My world appeared to have shrunk to one massive relapse. I rang my MS Nurse... who asked did I have a cold or the flu? Yes, I said. Don't panic - she told me. Once the virus goes away so will the symptoms; this isn't a relapse just a flare up.

Notwithstanding, I  managed to collect pretty much every MS symptom I've ever had. My legs are so weak I can hardly stand (had to be picked up a couple of times yesterday, much crawling going on), my feet are even more numb than than usual (who knew that was possible); my left eye seems to have a bout of ON, my right hand has lost all strength and feeling; oh yes, and there's so itching going on. 

The last thing that my nurse said to me was, if you have a chest infection you must see your Doctor. I noticed in amongst the very annoying cough that my chest was making strange noises like the creaking timbers of an old boat. The doctor was duly called out. He listened to my chest, yes definitely something on my chest and took my temperature; I might not feel so feverish but still not normal. Diagnosis, chest infection (again). So another course of antibiotics.

The good thing is that the downgrading of fever to temperature has already slightly improved the flare up. Some of the strength and feeling has come back to my hand and my eye is better too. Sadly my legs are still pathetic and going to the bathroom (about 12 feet away) is still an undertaking.

I've been taking my paracetamol, drinking lots of fluids and sleeping loads (despite the best efforts of the builders next door). Three day weekend now so hopefully fit for work again on Monday.

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