Monday, 27 February 2012

MS... little victories

When you are sick there is a period where personal hygiene goes by the wayside. The first couple of days when you are too feverish and sleeping so much, you don't notice. Then there is the initial convalescence phase when you are weak as a kitten, still sleeping most of the time and don't care. Finally you reach some sort of consciousness and only sleep some of the time. This is the point when you realise you smell.

That was Saturday for me (well actually Friday - but on Friday I still didn't have the strength to do anything about it). I got out of bed and gave the bed a huge dose of Febreze (in lieu of actually stripping and washing the bed clothes). That gave the bedroom a nice fresh smell. I then took me off to the bathroom. I managed to run a bath (yay!), get in the bath (big yay!), have a decent wash (huge yay!) and get out the bath at the end (relieved yay!).

So successful I might do it again today! In the interim one takes blanket baths... not as I'm sure hospitals and the Victorians imagined them; baby wipes are the key... how to bath without bathing 101!

With MS you take the little victories where you can get them - and often enough the little things are big victories.

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  1. Congratulations. You know you're feeling better when you can bath. Top tip, don't be tempted to have the water too hot or you can have an embarrassing "find an alternative way to get out of the bath" experience like mine. I do hope you really are feeling better. Just take your time.