Thursday, 22 September 2011

Staying positive

Half-way into the first week of the second course of steroids... it's a bit like a spell... 12 for 7 days, 6 for 7 days, 3 for 7 days, finish.

Happiness is that the rampant insomnia has dialled down to a more manageable level. Happiness is that the stomach upset between the two courses has gone. Happiness is that the Omazeprole taken right means no more sore throat, chest and heartburn. Happiness is that the Gabapentine has done some good for the sensory abnormalities in my hands and feet.

Sadness is that I'm still in bed, I still have dizziness and I still can't walk properly... but one day at a time, eh.


  1. I hope you're feeling better soon and that the drugs continue to help.

  2. How many steroid treatments series like that have you had? So how did you ultimately do with recovering from your symptoms? Can you give us the "Pros & Cons" on getting steroid treatment?

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    Be fierce ;)


  3. Hi Guv. I'm not really sure - I've lost count - probably half a dozen or so, maybe more.

    It is often the first defence against a relapse.

    The Pros and Cons often vary for the individual; mine:
    1. You are only generally given so many courses a year due to the possible side effects for bone density and stomach problems (that is a pro and a con)
    2. They aren't guaranteed to work and they take time to work too (con)
    3. When they do work they are very effective, also they once cured my frozen shoulder at the same time (pro)
    4. The short dose ones taste disgusting and the only thing that masks the taste is peach juice (con)
    5. On occasion the steroids cause more problems than they cure - on one occasion the steroids gave me a chest infection and the antibiotics for that gave me a yeast infection - irritating (con)
    6. It is nearly always better to try and fix the problem rather than ignore it (pro)

    It is different for everyone though.