Sunday, 23 September 2012

Cooking with gas!

Last week I bought a 'perching stool' for the kitchen. This is why disabled people need the Disabled Living Allowance. These things aren't cheap. What it means though is that I can cook again.

Not being able to stand long unsupported means you can't stand at a worktop or a hob to chop or cook. You can't stand at a sink to wash. I had a wooden stool but it was too high, and because it had no back I was never sure if I was safely on the stool or about to fall off.

Can cats use it too, eggs up there!
Folds away for small kitchens
In action
Just the right solution
Me - cooking again
Curry for dinner
Sadly the much anticipated bath-stool, despite careful measurement, is too big for the bath and will have to go back. I will not be defeated. All the kitchen standing problems apply double for the shower... and because of stupid stud wall no rails can go in the bath / shower.

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