Sunday, 1 August 2010

More new meds

It has been a while since I have found the time (or energy) to post. Work was crazy for a while and and 12 hour days weren't unusual. This meant when I wasn't at work I was probably asleep.

Most symptoms have been relatively stable for a while. My numb right hand has finally begun to improve ever so slightly (I can hold a pen better, although irritatingly, still can't type) and my feet and legs are also getting most of the feeling back. My balance is no better (no worse either) and I'm still using two crutches. Last weekend I was out in the garden without a stick (how much can falling over hurt?) when I fell of the path and twisted my ankle. Ouch, how that hurt. It is still sore a week later.

The hot weather has been hideous. It has very badly exacerbated my fatigue which was already pretty hard to cope with. Fortunately I finally got the prescription for the new fatigue drugs... I started with Modafinil yesterday. So far, so good... although it is early days yet. Had a bit of a headache yesterday evening and killer trapped wind... but both are better than the leaden heaviness of the dreaded fatigue!

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