Sunday, 14 March 2010

Steroids - days 2 and 3

I'm now in the middle of my five day curse (I mean course) of steroids. The taste of the damn things is still vile and stays with me pretty much all day (well at least to dinner time). In addition a rather unpleasant side effect is that breathing has become as if on a cold (bitter) winter's day... every time I take a breath in my trachea is sore. Hopefully this time I won't actually get a chest infection, which is what happened last time I took steroids.

I haven't noticed any improvement yet... but I guess that it is early days. Not being able to type and write properly is driving me up the wall... as is the lack of manual dexterity... I managed to peel my knuckles instead of the potatoes the other night!

Still, taking it easy of the weekend has been great. Apart from a bit of pottering in the garden (where it doesn't matter if you fall over) I've not been anywhere or done anything. Not looking forward to the journey to work with the crutches tomorrow.

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